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A Marine Surveyor is another term for a Boat Appraiser.  Marine Surveyors throughly inspect a boat’s condition, evaluate it’s safety, and potential market value as if it were to be sold in the near future. A report suitable for insurance, banking, boating industry, a potential buyer, or boat seller is carefully prepared so the value of the boat is a fairly known quantity for any near future negotiations which might take place.

We will visually inspect your boat’s structural components such as the hull, decks, super-structure, and transom.  We will also check stringers for moisture incursion, and delamination.  We will inspect the fuel systems, steering systems, electrical systems (both AC and DC), potable water, gray water and sanitation systems.  Any auxiliary systems such as air conditioning, heat, trim tabs, stabilizers, and thrusters will also be inspected. (We do not take anything apart, or unscrew plaques or other things, so no worries for you.)

We will only inspect the propulsion system’s external condition.  (Marine Surveyors are not Engine Mechanics. The engine and drive train should be inspected by a qualified Marine Mechanic). The trailer will be inspected for overall condition and valuation. The trailer should be fully inspected for road worthiness by a qualified trailer service facility.

On a sailboat we will inspect the Mast and Rigging from eye level and below. Upper sections of the Mast and Rigging are inspected with binoculars. (We will not climb a standing mast for safety and insurance reasons.) 

We will check any Electronics and Navigation equipment for power up only.

We will inspect the condition of the interior such as cushions, curtains, and cabinetry.  An inspection of the galley systems, safety equipment, and any exterior canvass will also be performed.

We will submit a detailed written report to the client when it is ready once payment in full has been made. Payment is due on the date of survey and the report will not be released without prior payment. We accept credit cards via PayPal. If paying in person, cash or checks are acceptable.

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What is a Marine Survey, and what tasks do Marine Surveyors perform?